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Abstract Love

OWN Network- Ready to Love Season 1

Sooooo....I never saw myself as a reality tv star type chick, but I have to be honest, when I saw the opportunity to find love in Atlanta, where eveybody knows, is a hot mess for dating...I decided to take a shot.  I applied for the show is about May 2018, had a Skype and a couple phone interviews and BAM we were filming in July! Would I do it again? Probably not, but I met some great people and can now appreciate the experience.


Alexx & Tiffany Talk Parenthood

This was an open and candid conversation about having children with Alexx.  These discussions are so important if considering bringing a child into this world.

Fishing Gone Wrong

At this point, my patience had worn thin.  I had become fed up with the ups and downs and inconsistencies that had been happening leading up to this moment.  I only expected what I was giving, nothing more.


"Men Like Understanding"

....or they DON"T like to make decisions.  Stradling the fence was starting to become a problem for me and Shea at this ooint.  Make your decision and go for it and take the chance of missing out.

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