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Project Restart is a collaborative effort that begain in 2020, comprised of several Atlanta Area nonprofit partners, a financial institution and other agencies working toward one common goal: To reduce recidivism through providing a second chance for success. This is accomplished through providing participants who have a criminal record the opportunity to complete a multi-week self-exploration and training program. 


Upon participants completing the first phase of fundamental programming, each participant then commits to one of three pathways: Education, Employment or Entrepreneurship. After the second phase of programming is completed, participants will be matched with a mentor who will provide guidance and support.  During the final phase of the program, participants have the opportunity to pitch for capital that will be used to finance their goals.

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LIFERS Inc. provides programming for at-risk and at-promise teens & adults who have entered the criminal justice system or are returning citizens. LIFERS focuses on improving success outcomes through focusing on six core concepts:

Lifestyle & Leadership

Incarceration Education

Financial Education & Empowerment

Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship



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